What is dashcam?

Dashcam is a video camera that records both video and audio of the action of a vehicle. It can also be called black box of a car. Dashcam starts recording when the engine starts, the power can also be drawn from the battery. In addition to recording video and audio from its HD lens, it also records the speed traveling and location. The dashcam also equips an internal sensor that detects the force of impacts. Once it detects an impact, it starts recording. It can be used as evidences to protect your own rights in case of an accident.

Why Should I Install a Dashcam?

  1. Unlike car insurance, dashcam is one-off investment. It could provide more protections for road safety.
  2. We spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on car insurance per year. But dashcam may eliminate our worries with a purchase.
  3. To safeguard the legitimate rights in case of violation of other motorists and pedestrian. To prevent fraud or extortion. It could be used as an evidence against wrongful accusation.
  4. Replays the recorded video in case of any incident. It can be shown to police officer for a quick and accurate police report.
  5. A powerful evidence to court and insurance company in case of an accident.
  6. As a great tool against robbery or grand theft auto. To be able to record physical characteristics of the possible suspect.
  7. If every cars on the road is equipped with dashcam, traffic violations will greatly decreased. Case of hit and run will also be decreased because other motorist are be able to record the situation as well.

Driving With a Peace of Mind

No matter how careful or experienced drivers you are, there are other dangers on the road such as, new drivers, motorists that not paying attentions, fatigued truck drivers, street racers, reckless driving. Installation of dash cam prevent responsibility in case of the lack of insurance of the other party, extortions, faking a situation. It is a powerful evidence in court or to the insurance company.

This video was recorded on our client vehicle by BlackVue DR550GW-HD

Make Fraud Expose Under The Concrete Evidence

Dash cam is very popular in Russia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Almost every taxi, public transportation and personal vehicle is equipped with Dashcam. It’s getting popular in US as well, it provides drivers with a peace of mind. It is also a good looking decoration in the vehicle. However, if involved in any incident without legitimate evidence or witness, dashcam footage can be your evidence.

Records Action of Vandalism

Dash cam provides peace of mind when you parked your beloved car to go shopping, working, partying, etc. A lot of times, people get away with scratching or denting your car by parking or backing in it. Dashcam can also be connected to the battery and it records even when the car is off to record evidence of hit and run.