Dashcam Installation Services

We are excited to offer professional vehicle dashcam installation services. Whether you're picking up a 2 channel, 1 channel dashcam or need power controller installed, our trained technicians have you covered. If you are looking for a great destination for dashcam installations around Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County and Ventura County you have found the right place.

Our dashcam installation professionals know how to wire up anything from a BlackVue high-end dashcam to setup a dashcam with vehicle suitable setting, and specializing in custom installations that will place your dashcam in right place for optimal viewing. Quality installation service starts with insurance and certified installers.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of dashcam installation. Our professional dashcam installers take pride in the quality of their work, as well as their efficiency; our quick finish time means you can enjoy your new dashcam with less waiting. Call us at (909) 529-0836 or send us a installation request to make appointment today!

Why You Need Our Installation Service?

  1. Highly trained and experienced technicians will provide the best service and knowledge for you.
  2. Hidden cables and wires make your dashcam more like factory components on your vehicle.
  3. Precise and advanced wiring technique to prevent airbag conflict, ensuring to avoid the various risks of the airbag not deploying properly during an accident.
  4. Power Control Device installation to supply power to your dashcam when vehicle is off, and a configured timer will prevent the battery of your vehicle being discharged.
100% of 100
"At first I thought I would do it myself, but after seeing some pictures of the installation I realized it would have honestly taken me hours to figure out the install. I would highly recommend for anyone on the fence about having a professional do the installation to go ahead and book."
Will P.

A large part of our success can be attributed to the relationships built with our happy clients over the past. We're proud of our clients and the service we provide them. Click to view our Client Showcase page.

Client Showcase

Whether you’re looking for a dashcam installation or willing to install by yourself, check out these clients who love to share their cars with our dashcam installed by brand.

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Land Rover

How long it will take?

From luxury to economy, sedan to SUV and truck. We cover every make and model no matter what year it is. Each make or model vehicle has its own unique design in which the install can be very easy or more challenging. Most installations will take approximately about 2 to 3 hours depending on the specific make and model.

Store Location

We only do in store installation. Here is our store location
290 N Benson Ave. #6 Upland, CA 91786

Installation Appointment Calendar

Available appointment date show up on the "Installation Schedule Calendar" without "busy" character. Please chose a none-busy day to schedule. And keep in mind this is just estimate. We need to contact you to confirm the exactly date and time of appointment.

Purchase Installation Services Made Easier Than Ever

To purchase installation services online or offline is very easy. You can simply send us an installation request. Or if you know exactly what you need click this link to purchase online, then we can make appointment for you to do the installation.

Request Quote Purchase Online

Installation Rates

We will not offer free installation services. Installation costs is an additional cost from that of the actual purchase of your dashcam.The installation fee will vary from the make and model of your vehicle. And the price will be subject to change without prior notice.
Installation = Installation Base Fee + Vehicle Type Fee

Installation Base Fee

The base fee will apply to each vehicle to be installed. A higher installation fee will be charged for customers who provide their dashcam purchased elsewhere other than ACEDASHCAM

Place of Purchase Installation Base Rates (Per Unit)
Dashcam Only or Power Magic EZ With Power Magic Pro or DC Hardwire
1 Channel 2 Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel
From ACEDASHCAM $119 $139 $139 $159
Somewhere Else $169 $189 $189 $209

Vehicle Type Fee

Hidden cables and wires for some types of vehicles will takes more time and hard work than regular sedans and coupes. For example 2 channel dashcam rear camera cable need to go through the rubber tube between trunk lid and chassis on SUVs, Minivans and Hatchbacks vehicles.

Pickup Truck Commercial Truck
Cargo Van
Tesla Model X
$0 $30 $20 $50 $90
(SUV $30 + Center Channel $60)

Removal Fee

DIY Camera and Mount Only Permanently
$0 $40 $60

Arrival Time For Installation

Generally, installation will take about 2-3 hours. But some times will take longer. So please arrive on time.
For example if your appointment time is 9:00 am and you do not arrive until 9:30 am. You will need to reschedule to later date It is always best to be prompt. It is greatly appreciate that if you can not make your scheduled appointment time to call us at least 24 hours in advance at (909) 529-0836.