Police corruption, insurance fraud, road rage, close calls or even to document crashes by instant uploading into sharing websites such as YouTube, are a few of the reasons why people resort to ACEDASHCAM installed dashcam recorders.

At ACEDASHCAM, we retail online high quality high end BlackVue and BlackSys dashcams, dashcam accessories and related electronics. BlackVue and BlackSys are not Taiwan nor Chinese brands. They are of superior Korean make and quality. You can choose your brand of 1 or 2 channel dashcams, power controllers, fuses, adaptors, cables and even your mounts and mounting accessories when you connect with us online. Our products can be easily installed to match your car’s setting and to blend with other factory installed components. We have a configured timer that syncs with the power power controller to prevent battery discharge. ACEDASHCAM.com is owned by DoYouPC LLC. Company based and operated in Los Angeles to serve the customers in the U.S, Canada and across the world.

ACEDASHCAM also provide on-site dashcam installation services in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino County. Call us today at (909) 529-0836 or send us a message to get a quote or a demo, at the best and most economical rates in the market today!